September 2015

It’s Fun Run Time!

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Hey WAUGH! — It’s Fun Run Time!

[paragraph extra=””]WISE Fun Run fundraising kicked off this week with an assembly where each student received a pledge sheet and attached envelope. Please help your students contact extended family, friends and co-workers to ask for their support via a flat donation or pledge per lap. Pledges and Flat Donations can be made online at our Fun Run 2015 event page or via the student’s pledge sheet and envelope. To make an online pledge please use the Pledge Form (your payment will be collected after the laps are tallied) or make a donation with your credit card by using our Flat Donation Form. Payments are counted at school daily so please include donations as you collect them, in the envelope provided. You can turn them in each day you get a new pledge or flat donation to be awarded a prize. We return them to you the same day so that you can collect more pledges and donations. The more often you turn them in the quicker you get your prizes.[/paragraph]


[paragraph extra=””]Thank you to all of the parents who have volunteered to help with the event! You will receive an email confirmation this week. Below is the event schedule for the Fun Run on Sept 30 (1-2 additional volunteers are needed for classes marked by *):[/paragraph]
8:30-9:30:  Wright (3rd/4th), Kandler (3rd), Nangle (3rd), Karriker (2nd), Ercolini (K), *Ryan (K)
9:30-10:30:  Howell-Olson (6), Buckley (6th), Bales/Ribeiro (5th), Derby (4th)
10:30-11:30:  *Gee (K), Hemelt (1st), Rice (1st), Christopher (2nd), *Paul (1st/2nd)
11:30-12:30: Nixon (5th), Arendt (5th/6th), Locey (4th)
8:30 – 9:30: Fragakis (1st), Cooke (1st), *Ribeiro/Phillips (1st), *Brunner (2nd), *Winston (2nd), Jay (2nd/3rd)
9:30 – 10:30: *Larson (TK), *Sartori (K), *Kellogg (K), *Alexandrov/Vollmer (K)
10:30 – 11:30: *Gamba (3rd), Browde (3rd), *Mowat (3rd), Mrs. Steeves (4th), *Lantier (4th)
11:30 – 12:30: *Foster (5th), *Beckmann (5th), *Clagett (6th), *Mr. Steeves (6th), *Pollak (5th/6th)
[paragraph extra=””]* Additional volunteers needed[/paragraph]

Don’t forget to turn in your Pledge Sheets.

[imic_button colour=”btn-success” type=”enabled” link=”” target=”_self” extraclass=”” size=”btn-xs”]Pledge Form[/imic_button] [imic_button colour=”btn-success” type=”enabled” link=”” target=”_self” extraclass=”” size=”btn-xs”]Flat Donation Form[/imic_button] [imic_button colour=”btn-warning” type=”enabled” link=”″ target=”_self” extraclass=”” size=”btn-xs”]Event Page[/imic_button]


adminIt’s Fun Run Time!
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Ice Cream Social

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Tonight! 6:30–8pm — Ice Cream Social!

Join us tonight in the Meadow Multi for an evening of ice cream and socializing with friends and families in the Waugh School District. This is a district-wide event and everyone is welcome: teachers, staff, students and their families. Be sure to stop by and meet our new superintendent, Mrs. Rosales.

See you there!

[paragraph extra=””]Free ice cream to all families in the Waugh School District. Non-dairy ice cream provided by Amy’s Kitchen.[/paragraph]

[paragraph extra=””]Sponsored by The WISE Foundation.[/paragraph]

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