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Shopping on Amazon.com this holiday season? Before you do, please follow the steps below and Amazon will donate 1.2% of the price of your eligible Amazon purchases to The WISE Foundation.

  1. Click on this logo: 150px_amazon
  2. Sign in or sign up by entering your email address.
  3. Click on: “Shop Amazon”
  4. Click on “Shop Now” to start shopping and give back to our schools!

Or you may visit Amazon Smiles to contribute 0.5% of purchases to The WISE Foundation while you shop. For information on other ways to shop and give to The WISE Foundation this holiday season and all through the year, please visit our Ways to Give page.

Thank you for supporting WISE and our art, library, music and technology programs!

Questions? Please contact Melodese Mahoney, eScrip Coordinator for WISE at escrip@wise4waugh.org

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Fun Run – A Success!

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Dollarphotoclub_52246240_webWISE is pleased to announce our community surpassed our goal of raising $60,000 for the Fun Run with a total net profit of $66,000!


However, 15% of pledged donations are still outstanding and needing to be collected. If you haven’t already, please turn in your pledged donations to the school office, in an envelope with the student’s name on it. Donations can be made with cash, a check made out to WISE Foundation, or online with a credit card. We have the potential of raising a total of $79,000 net profit if all pledged donations are received. Wow!

WISE would like to thank our students, parents, their friends and families, and our community for their generosity and support. With your help, WISE can continue to support the Waugh School District and offer educational programs that enrich and expand on students’ academic curriculum. WISE is proud to support this amazing community we live in. Thank YOU!

Online donations received an automatic receipt. Receipts for cash and check donations were emailed out. If you did not get your receipt and would like one, please email president@wise4waugh.org. Thank you.

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Congratulations to the top winners!

WISE is pleased to announce and award the top student fundraisers at each school. We’d like to thank all students for participating in the WISE Fun Run and making it such a success.

Splash Party Winners!

Andrew Fitting, Corona Creek
Austin Zaman, Meadow

Scandia Trip Winners!

Andrew Fitting, Corona
Zachary Babel, Corona
Anderson Ferro, Corona
Austin Zaman, Meadow
Ryan Comella, Meadow
Caitlin Comella, Meadow
Yazmin Paxtor-Marquez, Meadow
Audreyana Higgins, Meadow


Classroom Participation Awards!

WISE would like to honor and award the top performing classroom at each school, with both the most money raised and most student participation. These were:

  • 1st Grade, Phillips/Ribeiro at Corona Creek with 23 students participating and $4,880 raised
  • 2nd Grade, Christopher at Meadow with 21 students participating and $3,863 raised

As a small token of our appreciation they will receive a little classroom party. Way to go! Thank you!


Thank You to Our Sponsors!
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adminFun Run – A Success!
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Beats headphone winners!

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WISE is pleased to announce the winners of our raffle drawing for the Beats headphones. We had one winner from each school. A huge THANK YOU to ALL the Waugh students for getting sponsors and running in the Fun Run with true Waugh spirit.


[list type=icon extra=]
[list_item icon=”fa-star” type=”icon”]Joanna Rivera at Corona Creek School[/list_item]
[list_item icon=”fa-star” type=”icon”]Macie Conover at Meadow School[/list_item]

More Fun Run update to come. Donations are still coming in. We have collected 82% of the pledged donations. If you haven’t already, please turn in your pledged donations to the school office, in an envelope with the student’s name on it. You can donate with cash, a check made out to WISE Foundation, or online with your credit card.

Total Amount Raised will be in our next update. Stay tuned…



Thank you to our event sponsors:

Corporate sponsorship is vital to the success of our fundraising efforts benefiting the Waugh School District. Please patronize our business supporters and be sure to say…“Thank you for supporting the Waugh District schools!”

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adminBeats headphone winners!
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WISE Fun Run – Update!

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Many donations from pledges have been collected and the majority of students have turned in some or all of their pledges. Thank you! We are hopeful that we will reach our goal of $60,000!

[alert type=”alert-warning” close=”false”]Please turn in your remaining flat donations and pledges per lap to your teacher, no later than Friday, Oct. 9th.[/alert]

How to Collect Donations and Pledges:

  1. Collect cash or checks from sponsors listed on your pledge sheet and return them to your teacher in an envelope with your name and labeled “WISE Fun Run”. Checks should be made payable to the WISE Foundation.
  1. Or click on one of the buttons below to make a secure online payment. Sponsors who pledged an amount per lap will receive an email with the number of laps their student completed (36 was the max) and their dollar amount pledged, if they provided an e-mail address on the pledge sheet. (If they did not provide an e-mail address, please collect their payment and return it to the office in an envelope with your name on it, labeled “WISE Fun Run”.)
    [imic_button colour=”btn-success” type=”enabled” link=”http://wise4waugh.org/pledge-per-lap-payment” target=”_self” extraclass=”” size=”btn-xs”]Submit Pledge Per Lap Payment[/imic_button] [imic_button colour=”btn-success” type=”enabled” link=”http://wise4waugh.org/fun-run-flat-donation/” target=”_self” extraclass=”” size=”btn-xs”]Flat Donation[/imic_button]

After all of your pledges have been collected, you will receive the pledge sheet marked, “Done, thank you!” by the Fun Run team. If you have questions about your pledge sheet, donations or prizes, please contact the Fun Run Team at events@wise4waugh.org.


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Prize Update:

If you have not yet received your prizes, they are on their way. You should receive them on or before Tuesday, Oct. 20.[/alert]

Other important information:

  • The Beats headphones drawing will be on October 10th and the winner will be notified on October 12th.
  • Our top students who raised the most money in pledges and donations, as well as the winners of the Scandia trip, will be announced after all pledge sheets are processed and donations received.



Thank you to our event sponsors:

Corporate sponsorship is vital to the success of our fundraising efforts benefiting the Waugh School District. Please patronize our business supporters and be sure to say…“Thank you for supporting the Waugh District schools!”

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adminWISE Fun Run – Update!
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It’s Fun Run Time!

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Hey WAUGH! — It’s Fun Run Time!

[paragraph extra=””]WISE Fun Run fundraising kicked off this week with an assembly where each student received a pledge sheet and attached envelope. Please help your students contact extended family, friends and co-workers to ask for their support via a flat donation or pledge per lap. Pledges and Flat Donations can be made online at our Fun Run 2015 event page or via the student’s pledge sheet and envelope. To make an online pledge please use the Pledge Form (your payment will be collected after the laps are tallied) or make a donation with your credit card by using our Flat Donation Form. Payments are counted at school daily so please include donations as you collect them, in the envelope provided. You can turn them in each day you get a new pledge or flat donation to be awarded a prize. We return them to you the same day so that you can collect more pledges and donations. The more often you turn them in the quicker you get your prizes.[/paragraph]


[paragraph extra=””]Thank you to all of the parents who have volunteered to help with the event! You will receive an email confirmation this week. Below is the event schedule for the Fun Run on Sept 30 (1-2 additional volunteers are needed for classes marked by *):[/paragraph]
8:30-9:30:  Wright (3rd/4th), Kandler (3rd), Nangle (3rd), Karriker (2nd), Ercolini (K), *Ryan (K)
9:30-10:30:  Howell-Olson (6), Buckley (6th), Bales/Ribeiro (5th), Derby (4th)
10:30-11:30:  *Gee (K), Hemelt (1st), Rice (1st), Christopher (2nd), *Paul (1st/2nd)
11:30-12:30: Nixon (5th), Arendt (5th/6th), Locey (4th)
8:30 – 9:30: Fragakis (1st), Cooke (1st), *Ribeiro/Phillips (1st), *Brunner (2nd), *Winston (2nd), Jay (2nd/3rd)
9:30 – 10:30: *Larson (TK), *Sartori (K), *Kellogg (K), *Alexandrov/Vollmer (K)
10:30 – 11:30: *Gamba (3rd), Browde (3rd), *Mowat (3rd), Mrs. Steeves (4th), *Lantier (4th)
11:30 – 12:30: *Foster (5th), *Beckmann (5th), *Clagett (6th), *Mr. Steeves (6th), *Pollak (5th/6th)
[paragraph extra=””]* Additional volunteers needed[/paragraph]

Don’t forget to turn in your Pledge Sheets.

[imic_button colour=”btn-success” type=”enabled” link=”http://wise4waugh.org/pledge” target=”_self” extraclass=”” size=”btn-xs”]Pledge Form[/imic_button] [imic_button colour=”btn-success” type=”enabled” link=”http://wise4waugh.org/fun-run-flat-donation/” target=”_self” extraclass=”” size=”btn-xs”]Flat Donation Form[/imic_button] [imic_button colour=”btn-warning” type=”enabled” link=”http://wise4waugh.org/fun-run-2015″ target=”_self” extraclass=”” size=”btn-xs”]Event Page[/imic_button]


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Ice Cream Social

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Tonight! 6:30–8pm — Ice Cream Social!

Join us tonight in the Meadow Multi for an evening of ice cream and socializing with friends and families in the Waugh School District. This is a district-wide event and everyone is welcome: teachers, staff, students and their families. Be sure to stop by and meet our new superintendent, Mrs. Rosales.

See you there!

[paragraph extra=””]Free ice cream to all families in the Waugh School District. Non-dairy ice cream provided by Amy’s Kitchen.[/paragraph]

[paragraph extra=””]Sponsored by The WISE Foundation.[/paragraph]

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Welcome Back to School!

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The WISE Foundation would like to welcome you back to school! We are looking forward another great year for The Waugh School District.

[paragraph extra=””]

WISE is pleased to welcome Rebecca Rosales to the district, as our new superintendent. Mrs. Rosales will be at the WISE Ice Cream Social on September 11th, to help us kick off the year. Please stop by and say hello to her while you enjoy yummy ice cream. We look forward to seeing you there!

To help you stay organized with all the back to school information at the start of the year, WISE has put together this little checklist. We hope this helps you. We’d love your feedback. Feel free to leave a comment and let us know how we’re doing.

Thanks from all of us at WISE!





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Changes in Safeway eScrip Program

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After a great deal of careful thought and consideration, Safeway and Vons have decided to conclude their association with eScrip as the mechanism to donate to local organizations. The current program will officially end on August 1, 2015.

While WISE is sad to see this wonderful program end, we are continuing to raise funds with other shopping opportunities at places like Raley’s, Target and Amazon. Check out our Ways to Give page, for more information.
[imic_button colour=”btn-danger” type=”enabled” link=”http://marketing.escrip.com/form/escrip/viewhtml/9z1zs1e9tns16258dlplffhpp2l0q9un9phnqb8h64o?utm_content=Changes+to+Safeway%2FVons+eScrip+Program&utm_campaign=Q315&utm_source=iPost&utm_medium=email” target=”_blank” extraclass=”” size=”btn-lg”]More Information/Details[/imic_button]

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Visions & Vines – A Success!!

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Thank YOU Waugh!

WISE is pleased to announce that we had another outstanding Visions & Vines and raised over $85,000 that will go directly to the programs we fund for the Waugh School District: art, music, library and technology.

[paragraph extra=””]WISE couldn’t have done this without you. Our deepest gratitude to our sponsors, our donors and all those who bid on items. And we also thank everyone who bought a raffle ticket! We met our goal of selling 10,000 tickets and received a $10,000 check from a generous Waugh Family that goes straight to WISE. Our community is strong, our community is generous and there’s a reason our schools are among the best in Sonoma County. We should all be proud.[/paragraph]

Together we are enriching today, for a better tomorrow.

adminVisions & Vines – A Success!!
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Announcing the Raffle WINNERS!

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WISE would like to congratulate all of the raffle winners!

Thank you for your support of WISE and for participating in our Raffle which helped us raise the funds needed to support our cause. The numbers aren’t just in yet to see if we get the $10,000 match but we wanted to get the word out now about our lucky winners. The winners are…

[list type=icon extra=]
[list_item icon=”fa-ticket” type=”icon”]Electra Girl’s Bike – Jodi Ellis[/list_item]
[list_item icon=”fa-ticket” type=”icon”]XBOX ONE – Christine Goodin[/list_item]
[list_item icon=”fa-ticket” type=”icon”]Vitamix Blender – Sara Coker[/list_item]
[list_item icon=”fa-ticket” type=”icon”]Beats wireless headphones – Auntie M[/list_item]
[list_item icon=”fa-ticket” type=”icon”]$500 in Script – Erin Sutherland[/list_item]

Apple Watch Winner!

There was an additional Raffle Prize Drawing for one special prize at the Live Event only! WISE is on the lookout for the winner of the Apple Watch. The WINNING TICKET # is…


Please help WISE locate this winner. The winner will have until Saturday, April 25th to redeem their matching stub and claim this prize. Please email events@wise4waugh.org.

Winners can pick up their prizes in the Meadow Multi on Wednesday, April 22nd from 5-8pm. 

adminAnnouncing the Raffle WINNERS!
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